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I am probably one of the most suspicious people in the world

I am probably one of the most suspicious people in the world


I have always been very leery about any online Work-at-Home MLM or Affiliate Marketing Program, but for some reason this one seemed legit. I was desperate enough to finally try it, and now I’m here. This is really only my 2nd day – OK, I lied… sorta. It’s my 5th day, but I’m on the Day 2 training.

But that’s the beauty of it – you can work at your own pace. I am probably one of the most suspicious people in the world and, not to brag, but one of the most honest. So I’m going to be honest. I’ve read a few reviews. Not all were good, but not all were bad, either. Some were even quite favorable. Most reviews about programs that I’ve looked into don’t have ANYTHING good to say about the program if it really is a scam.

But this program’s been around awhile, and there are a lot of people who have done well with it. I suspect that maybe those who gave bad reviews just wanted an easy paycheck without having to work for it at all. A hand-out. Being honest again, I haven’t made any money with it myself – yet. But I’ve been sticking with the training.

It’s work. I mean, not hard, but you have to take the time to read through it and follow the instructions. But that’s a good thing. If it was super easy, I’d think it was a scam. It takes work for something to work well. It’s funny. Every time I think, “Oh, this is too confusing! I’ll never get it!” – the very next thing I read says, “Don’t worry, you’ll get it. Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed,” and then it’s explained in greater detail.

And then there’s the Help Desk… I am a COMPLETE newbie at this. If you don’t believe me, ask Patricia, the Help Support. 😀 I’ve plagued that poor woman so much in the last several days. I’m sure she must groan every time she sees an e-mail from me, but yet, I feel like we’re developing a strangely comfortable mentor/apprentice type of relationship. 😀 (I hope she doesn’t read this and grimace. 😀 )

But that’s what I want to tell you about… I can’t speak for the money yet. But so far the training and support is outstanding. Believe me! I have never been good at business or marketing (that’s a huge understatement), so if I can learn something from this, anyone can! I’m actually kind of excited (and I don’t excite easily over stuff like this). With this program, I already have my own website and the tools I need to succeed.

Now all I have to do is make it work for me. I am looking forward to being my own boss, working from wherever I want and whenever I want! Thanks for the opportunity, Stone. If nothing else, I have already learned a lot more than I ever knew about this business. Thanks!

Cheri Hutson